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Haws Blog

Bee Friendly Gardens

There has been much coverage lately about the decline of Bees in the UK, with experts predicting numbers will get lower year on year.

Whilst sadly as individuals we cannot help fix some of the larger problems bees face, we can all do our bit to help encourage and protect our most useful of insects.

1. Bee Friendly Plants

Whether your garden is acres in size or just a small window box, choosing plants that are bee friendly is simple. There are literally hundreds of varieties which will encourage pollenating insects during both summer and winter. Plant flowering species in large sunny spots rather than shade to encourage flowering. British wild flowers, and country cottage style planting is perfect or species such as lavender, hollyhocks, geraniums, and herbs with flowers, such as thyme. 

Don't spray flowering plants with pesticides, this can be extremely harmful and fatal for insects. 

2. Somewhere to live

Insect houses are great ways to encourage Bees to set up home in your garden. Early autumn is the best time to introduce this into your garden. Mount the houses to sunny facing fences or walls to encourage investigation. You can either buy them ready made or even have a go at making your own. 

3. Something to drink 

Bees like all animals need water to survive. A pond, water feature or even a bird bath can help these little creatures along, especially during the hot dry summer days.