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Haws Blog

The Garcha's

Harjinder - 1990                                                                     Harbinder - 1990



The Garcha’s


Harjinder Garcha (Uncle) – Charge Hand

Harbinder Garcha (Brother) – Specialist Machine Operator

Jatinder Garcha (Brother) – Tool Maker Specialist


Harjinder and Harbinder started at Haws in 1989, shortly followed by Jatinder in 1991, first impressions were that of a “Welcoming management. Family orientated business. Friendly atmosphere”.

“Dave is a very nice and helpful boss. He is very understanding and supportive and a pleasure to work with”.

The Garcha’s enjoy “the flexibility of work, the ease of having time off and getting paid on time”, Harjinder adds, “and getting bonuses”.

After 25 years of working for Haws, all the Garcha’s received their Gold Watch Award. They all rated Haws with a score of 8 or 9 out of 10, and would recommend the company to friends and family.