The Warley Fall
The Warley Fall

The Warley Fall

The Warley Fall speaks the loudest of all the Haws Watering Cans for being the professional horticulturist’s choice. Boasting all the fine features that make up the ideal gardening sidekick. Equipped with its excellent balance, long reach, and its interchangeable accessories, it makes fighting the day to day watering tasks enjoyable and therapeutic. 


The Warley Fall cross-stay offers perfect balance when carrying liquid love to those plants in need. It offers a comfortable and substantial stronghold for transporting large amounts of water down that meandering garden path.

Can Width

The precise width of the can allows the weight of the water to be held close to the body, this helps to avoid knocking those knees and preventing undue strain on the shoulders.

Life is all about balance, especially when gardening! It is good to note that carrying one can in each hand not only saves you return trips to the water source but also creates anatomical balance, preventing any muscular strain that may occur from holding the weight of a full can on one side. Be sure to look after that gardening body of yours!


The Warley Fall comes complete with a detachable brass rose that disperses the flow of water to prevent flooding the ground. It works with a variety of interchangeable accessories to create specific sprays, for all manner of tasks. Making it perfect for every gardener.

Long Reach Spout

The long spout reaches deep into the bed of plants, accessing the back of borders with ease, without disturbing any thick or delicate foliage.

The narrow diameter of the spout provides the high pressure required to engage the rose. As the can tips, the increase of pressure allows the water to flow effortlessly, offering you that iconic Haws spray. Just remember “Don’t lift, just let go”.

Warley Fall Watering Can


The handle of The Warley Fall offers the perfect balance when pouring. Allow the can to do the work, simply release the cross stay and let the spout fall to the ground, “Don’t lift, just let go”. As the weight of the can lessens, and the pressure drops, the midpoint of the can remains the same allowing the whole can rotate on its pivot point to maintain the pressure. This makes for a balanced and enjoyable watering experience that only Warley Fall owners will understand.

Warley Fall


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