Protecting Our Precious Woodlands   

We’re committed to protecting and restoring our natural heritage, and we’re proud to support our non-profit partners The Woodland Trust through our annual contributions. As the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, they’re passionate about woods and trees. They work to transform our landscapes, joining up fragile and fragmented habitats. As well as campaigning to save threatened woodland, The Woodland Trust also owns and cares for more than 1,000 publicly accessible woods. They want everyone to have access to woodland, and they want to make the UK a healthier, better place in which to live. To find out more about their work, please click here.




Bees and butterflies are nature’s crucial pollinators, but their numbers are under threat due to the destruction of wildflower meadows and environments. To do our bit to support them, we’re sending a free pack of Haws Seedsticks wildflowers with every order placed on our website. 

Our Seedsticks are made by our friends at Buddy Burst, a London-based manufacturer. They make the packs using 100% recycled FSC certified board, veg and soy inks and non-toxic glue; as well as being better for the environment, this helps ensure the highest germination rates. 

When you receive your Haws Seedsticks, please plant and grow them as follows: 

  1. Grab a jam jar and a add handful of soil  
  2. Gently tear off a single seedstick 
  3. Carefully plant the seedstick, pointed end down, as deep as the marked line. 
  4. Finally, just add water and get ready to watch it grow… 

Thanks for helping. Together we can help save the bees and butterflies that are so important to our precious natural environment.   


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The Fazeley Flow

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