Terms & Conditions

  1. To be valid any Claim must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase.
  2. The Guarantee covers any claim against manufacturing defect and does not cover accidental or wilful damage or what might be considered to be normal wear and tear.
  3. The Guarantee on metal cans will be invalidated if the can has been left with water inside and allowed to freeze (serious and characteristic distortion of the metal body will occur in such circumstances). The Guarantee will also be invalidated on metal watering cans if it has been used with chemicals such as feed/weed spray. We strongly advise only using chemicals with plastic watering cans.
  4. Guarantee claims will be handled directly by the Manufacturers, Haws Watering Cans Ltd. The Company reserves the right to offer to repair or replace any cans that are the subject of a claim or to offer compensation directly proportionate to the claim in question.
  5. By presenting the following information to general@haws.co.uk or by calling +44 (0121) 420 2494, Haws will complete the guarantee and reserve the right to ask for additional information or to have the item in question returned to the company.

    Personal information - Name:/ Address:/ Email:/ Reason for claim
    Product information - Product:/ Colour:/ Capacity:/ Where it was purchased/ Images of damage
    A copy/ scan / photo or other proof of purchase
  6. Properly presented claims will be acknowledged within 5 working days and handled within 15 working days of receipt.
  7. Haws Watering Cans reserve the right to request photographs of the subject of a claim in order to assist in the process of handling the claim.
  8. In some circumstances sight of the subject of a claim may be required. In these cases any postage involved will be refunded as part of the Guarantee claim as long as the claim is validated by the Company.