Haws for the Cause
Haws for the Cause

Haws for the Cause

The Great Outdoors

As you might expect from a family-run company that makes the world’s finest watering cans, at Haws we love the great outdoors. When we’re not in the factory handcrafting our cans, you can find us out in the fresh air – hiking, cycling, surfing or simply enjoying all the glorious pleasures of nature. So it probably comes as no surprise that we’re doing what we can to protect our precious planet. Here are some of the things we believe in, and how we’re doing our bit to help.

Packaging For A Better Planet 

We’re proud of our award-winning packaging. As well as looking fabulous, it’s designed with the planet in mind, with all our products packed and shipped in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. We use fully compostable bags to prevent our larger watering cans from getting scratched during transit. We mail smaller items in Jiffy Green padded bags, which are environmentally friendly, made with 100% recycled paper fibre lining, and fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. We use paper tape throughout our factory, and all our promotional materials such as leaflets and brochures are made from 100% recycled paper.  

In short, we’ve looked closely at every element of our packaging to ensure that it’s creating the minimum environmental impact. It’s another example of Haws’ dedication to doing everything we can to protect our precious planet.  

Built To Last

We’re proud to make watering cans that are built to withstand the test of time. Their longevity reduces the need for landfill, and because we believe in their durability, we offer a guarantee with our watering cans. Each one is made in the heart of England, using local materials that are carefully sourced for sustainability and quality. Each metal can is handcrafted, so no two are the same. We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of your watering can; with a little care it should become a part of your family for generations to come. To find out more about how we make our watering cans, please click here.

The Roots Of Change

Our planet needs more trees. Deforestation is having a profound effect upon our environment, and that’s why we’ve made a bold commitment to planting the trees that will help restore our planet to health. We use a portion of our annual charity donations to support TreeSisters, a non-profit organisation who support woman lead restoration projects all around the globe. To learn more about TreeSisters click here.



Towards a Rebalanced Planet

Balance is one of nature’s fundamental principles, yet our planet is increasingly being thrown out of kilter. We’re determined to do our bit to restore the balance by taking responsibility for our own impact, and giving back when we need to take. We’re committed to minimising our environmental footprint, which is why we’re a proud member of ‘1% for the Planet’, giving 1% of our annual gross sales to the organisation’s approved non-profit partners. To find out more, please read our ‘1% for the Planet’ article here.

Working Together For Change

As a small independent company, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges facing our planet. After all, what difference can one small company make? The simple truth is that the way we all live is consuming resources faster than they are being restored. But at Haws we believe that collectively we can all positively change our behaviour and mindset, from consumption to restoration. We hope to inspire the whole Haws ecosystem, from our craftswomen and men, to our suppliers and our community of growers. As we consume, we can restore – by pledging to contribute 1% of a purchase, a sale, or a wage. It’s only a small percentage, but it can make a huge difference. To find out more, please see our fundraiser page, where you can follow our progress and contribute your own 1% if you wish. 

We’re Always Growing

As a company and as individuals, we continue to learn and grow every day. We believe that it’s up to all of us to search for more ethical ways to live. We’re doing everything that we can to become a better, more responsible company for the future. We stay mindful of our own consumerist habits, only buying what we need, investing in lasting quality, and seeking out ethical companies whose values chime with ours. We truly believe that together we can all make a difference.


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